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Locked away you feel totally useless and filled with frustration. I have the key and I hold the power. Self control needed to be instilled and the only option was to fit the tightest metal cage around your over wanked cock and replace your stroking with obedience lessons and sheer torture. I love teasing you with your keys, just dangling them inches from your nose, watching your eyes light up then that gutting sad feeling when I put the keys away. You desperately ache for release but know you need to be locked up under my orders to show your true devotion to your queen. Your life and your soul has been in my hands from the moment I secured that lock. I make the rules, I decide your movements and I'm the one that crushes your soul daily. I make living in your metal cage uncomfortable, your dick throbs to be touched, it leaks with excitement and your balls are a painful shade of blue. Being locked up only encourages your obsession and ensures you are always in total submission to me but today I fuck with your head, I tease and torment you some more. You will do anything to be unlocked won't you. Shall I unlock that desperate little cock huh?