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You think you can handle any amount of edging and so I challenge you to a silly bet to see if you can keep up with My instructions until the very end of the video and only cum after permission is given. If you cum before I give you permission, then you must pay a fee for overconfidence: $150 fee if you cum before 15 minutes, $100 fee if you cum before 30 minutes and $50 fee if you make it past 30 minutes but don’t make it all the way. I won’t give you permission to cum until the very end of the clip. The basic rules are stop-and-go stroking. I will give you fair amount of stops, but I'll keep them extremely short so you can never really recover from the edge properly. I also mix in lots and lots of edging countdowns. During the edge countdown you must stroke hard and fast and get to the very edge. Of course, My intention is to break you as fast as possible and collect the money--so I won't show any mercy as I edge you with an intensity that has you begging to take your hands off your cock.


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