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Custom (no names) - "I think I can handle any edging and challenge you to a silly bet confident about my skills. The bet is to see if I can manage to the end of the video and only cum after permission is given, if I cum early I have to pay 150$ fee for overconfidence. You have every intention of taking that 150$. You will play stop & go with me and when ever you say go, I have to stroke AS FAST AS I CAN. In addition you will throw in fake countdowns, LOTS of fake countdowns. To make things even more difficult, occasionally in the clip both of us will roll a dice. If my number is the same one as yours, I get to continue, otherwise I have to rewind backwards as many minutes as my dice face value is (e.g. rolling 6 I have to go back 6 minutes) and continue from there. At the end you will give me my final countdown and tell me to squeeze the head as hard as I can and cum."