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[HD - HIGH QUALITY VERSION] Oh, are you finally awake!? Honestly, I am so sick of your bullshit that I went ahead and slipped a little something that made you sleep and then tied you up here at the end of My couch. After all, I really want you take this situation as serious as I am! I want to tell you all about the guy I am dating. He is so sweet, so sexy, so buff and we have so much in common and things just feel so right and natural between him and I. I should be able to tell you these types of things, as My friend. However, you always give Me such a hard time when I start to tell you about him and the other guys I have dated. It is as though you have a crush on Me and think there is a chance with Me. And, NO! LOL! You and I dating is NEVER going to happen. You are just My little fucking jester that belongs at My feet! Literally, everything you do is the opposite of what I would look for in a guy to date. So, I think you should apologize for your selfish, obnoxious behavior by kissing My feet. Don't want to? I figured that... so I have just the thing that will convince you otherwise, bitch.