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We're all cozied up on a snowy day. My voice cuddling you like a blanket. So smooth, so soft, my voice is the greatest comfort you've ever known. You allow my words to rock you into a beautiful sense of security. For the past few days, I’ve been successfully using my feet to mesmerize and control you, but you’ve gotten suspicious. You close your eyes and try to resist looking at my feet but with your eyes closed, you're helpless against my sweet, seductive voice. I lull you into a mild stupor just by talking about my sexy, pretty feet. I secretly change position and put my feet beside your face. I easily convince you that just a peek won’t hurt. I'm still so sweet and charming. I assure your nothing bad will happen, of course. I challenge you to look for 10 seconds, that’s all, and then you can look away if you want. So, you sneak a quick peek of my feet inches away from your face and you’re instantly mesmerized by my soles and wiggling toes. My feet move closer and my voice gets quieter. My feet are so pretty, and you’re so sleepy…