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Awe, I think it’s really funny how your like the little maid around here now. Your whole family is treating you like a frilly little servant. How did this start, Sissy? Sorry but I was told I have to call you that from now on, hahahaha. What if I caught you staring at your Aunts feet? I would have to do something about that wouldn’t I? I’d just have to turn you into a cute little foot slave, wouldn’t I? Awe, don’t try to resist cuz soon you’ll be craving feet... just like you crave wearing fishnets and heels, hahahaha. Goddess Charlotte Stokely Categories: Femdom POV, Foot Fetish, Shoe and Boot Worship, Shoe Worship, t****, Sissy Training, Humiliation, Feminization, Crossdressing, Domestic Servitude, FLR, Female Led Relationship, Female Supremacy, Pantyhose Domination, Stockings fetish.