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I am Your slave for a few weeks now and You have kept me in chastity all that time. You have teased me mercilessly constantly wearing my keys on an anklet over Your nylon pantyhose so i always got to see them, especially when grovelling at Your divine feet. As my whimpering for release gets louder day by day, You tell me that You can think of allowing me the privilege of letting me come to Your stockinged feet, if only i agree to go through Your “lifetime-in-chastity-ceremony”. Now You explain to me what that ceremony is all about. In preparation of the ceremony, i would have to purchase yet another lock for my chastity device. i would have to take all keys of the lock to a jeweler who should melt the keys and create a nice toe ring from the melted material. Of course, that means that once the lock will be closed, it can never be opened again. In the meantime You invite Your girl friends for a party in Your house, they should all dress up nice and sexy and prepare themselves for a “night to remember”. During the party You will ask Your guests to form an honor guard. You will ring a bell and give me the sign to “enter the stage”. i have to crawl through the honor guard – naked. i will have to stop before Your feet, beg You to remove my chastity cage and let me come to Your stockinged feet while being watched by Your laughing girl friends. Once i did that i would have to clean the floor with my tongue and thank You properly by kissing Your stockinged feet. Then i would have to hand You the new lock for my chastity cage together with a small box containing Your new toe ring. In the future, that toe ring will be a constant reminder of that legendary evening – whenever i see it sparkling through Your stockings. Then it is time for me to get locked for good… Having revealed Your ceremony plans for me, You ask me, if i agree to them in order to be allowed to come to Your stockinged feet. Will i be desparate enough to come one last time and to become the laughingstock of Your party?