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I tease you, control you, make you panic. I leave you reeling then I step back and admire my work. Then Im off enjoying my life again while you deal with the shock. It doesn't take a lot of effort on my part, this is an art form I've perfected. I'm not phased. It works differently in YOUR brain, you feel torn and violated. I push your limits & that affects you, I know that. This is how new fetishes develop. I'm well rounded, now you are too. I leave you to ruminate, to lick your wounds. I make some vague suggestions & I let your imagination run wild. You crave my attention, you'll do anything to get it. You want to make me happy. Slowly but surely soon a new fetish is born. Look at what I've done to you. Think of how good I make you feel. Repeat after me. Stroke. Don't you want to finally cave in and be mine?