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This is something that causes confusion to your stupid little brain. Alpha is something you have never been and is totally out of reach meaning you will never get to experience what it truly feels like to be a man. You, on the other hand was born a slave and this is exactly the life you will lead till the very end. That of a lowly servant, a beta-male, a piece of sh1t, whatever nameless rubbish you are just not an ALPHA.It's what your wet dreams consist of, an Alpha life but that is all it is, a dream. Now myself, I am an Alpha through and through and you are very lucky to have the opportunity to serve such an Alpha Goddess. You should worship the ground I walk on, kiss my ass and work extremely hard for me like the little sub bitch you are. I endlessly tease you weaker and weaker, you are nothing to me, nothing at all but I will use you in anyway that benefits me and ensures my life is made better than it already is no matter how degraded you may feel the only words you mutter are Yes, Goddess Jasmine. Now where were we.....