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You have watched all my other trance clips. You have been implemented with trigger words that keep you coming back for my clips. In this deeply erotic clip you will be asked to flashback. You will be asked to recall a memory that I will then alter permanently. As you relax further you feel yourself becoming weaker. This allows your to voluntarily fall down the rabbit hole with me. We will fall so far together that we find ourselves in complete darkness wrapped around each other. Every passing minute of this sensual jerk off instruction will leave you hopelessly addicted to Lindsey. The intense passion we share will take you to your deepest level of devotion.**WARNING: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE CLIP, WATCH WITH CAUTION**CLIP INCLUDES:TRANQUIL LOUNGE BACKGROUND MUSIC, GAMMA WAVES: LEARNING AND PROCESSING, ALPHA WAVES: CAUSING AROUSAL, AND THETA WAVES: EXPERIENCE DEEPER/RAW CONNECTION.CLIP OVERLAYS: TRIGGER WORD FLASHING, GREEN SCREEN TRANCE BACKGROUND, CIRCULAR LIGHTING RAYS, SHINE EFFECTS ON EYES AND LIPS.


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