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I have something fun planned for both of us, a game that involves things we both like. For you, it’s stroking and obeying, your favorite activities. For Me, it’s control, by granting and denying you of what you want. You can probably guess the rules of this game, but I will explain anyway. When the light in the background turns red, it simply means “stop stroking.” When it is green, stroke. Yellow? Edge, nice and slow, with the tips of your fingers barely grazing your shaft. Don’t worry; if you’re too horny to pay attention to the lights, My voice will guide you through this stroke session. If you break the rules of this game, what is your punishment? Well, it’s the punishment of disappointing Me. Sure, this is all based on an honor system, but I want to show you how deeply you crave pleasing Me and following My instructions. Will this game have a happy ending? I’m not telling you, spoilers are no fun! Have fun, obey, and be a good boy.